The Magic of Touch

Baby Massage is more than just massaging our wonderful little babies. It is a skill to learn, to enjoy and to take part in an activity which creates that uninterrupted time with our little ones. It is simple, can be done almost anywhere, which of course fits in with your schedule, of juggling work, parent life, home-schooling and more right now.

Massaging really gives you the opportunity to use positive touch, have that special time together, a hug and those holds. Using rhymes in a different way, music to listen to, topics to learn about, play with our little ones and of course the ability to figure our little ones yes and no cues all through the art of massage. Allowing yourself to be comfortable, to comforting, reassure and ensure our babies have a positive experience within baby massage.

Using massaging as a tool for relaxation is centuries old for many cultures, including the western society. It came to western Society in the 1970’s and has become increasingly popular. It is taught to new parents by many mental health professionals and also complementary therapists, who also recognise the benefits.

In Africa they use baby massage to calm and relax, whilst in India it is to keep the joints and muscles supple and to enhance facial beauty. In Russia it is used to develop the central nervous system, whereas in South America they use it to promote energy, health and happiness and lastly in Ibo of Nigeria and Kwakiutls of North America it is used from birth to stimulate survival mechanisms and help resist disease.

Touch can be many things: loving, sexual, supportive, healing, therapeutic, directive, stimulating, diagnostic, calming, responsive and comforting. Our babies respond to massage from loving, stimulating, comforting, responsive and when necessary, healing touch too. It is a fundamental human need and is vital for our emotional wellbeing and physical health. Our children all should be held and receive that loving touch well beyond baby massage during infancy, to reach their full potential. It is more than just this too, it is considered a form if communication that helps the connecting, to form a bond with another person. Parents can use the power of positive touch, such as holding, containment and massage to help their baby feel safe, secure and to enhance communication as well as of course bonding with baby.

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