Rock and Roll crafts

There is nothing better than reflecting on the current week!.... makes me smile.

Running sessions in 3 different locations, soon to be 5 means that things are going well.

I absolutely love what I do! Meeting new parents, grandparents, care givers and the little ones who attend our sessions, as well as connecting with other businesses to help each other grow is just fantastic. The joy this brings me is immense. From seeing our little ones progress weekly, to them hitting milestones is fantastic, I feel hugely privileged that individuals choose Bambino Belles. The fact that you invest your time, money and value my services that I provide is just so kind.

I feel incredibly blessed that I have been able to provide classes for the last 2years & 3 months. At the start of 2019, Messy Crafts Sensory Play was born at Bambino Belles. Why.... well because I’d attend sessions & be sad that I had nothing to mark each week with. So you are encouraged weekly to create something.... arty to keep at home. You’ll see week after week how your little one will develop & that is just so precious!

This week I have seen a lovely little baby who has now mastered bottle feeding. Not just this, but also full on babbling! How amazing....

Another who is just wriggling her way around and again full babbling conversations.

Two of our little bubba’s are now walking .... I’m saying the same as their parents ‘STOP GROWING SO QUICKLY’.... they’re not listening.

An incredible little boy who is bilingual ....

How amazing are these little humans! BLOWS MY MIND

On average we see 65 + little tiddlers every week over our 3 venues and the 6 sessions that we run! I say we but it’s me.... HOW LUCKY AM I!! Honestly, I feel so lucky. The mums, dads, grandparents, care givers-who attend our classes are just so wonderful. The little ones are even more amazing and I’m always so amazed on how quickly they reach milestones. Watching them develop and reach milestones week after week is just fantastic, it fills me with such joy.

This weeks theme was ‘ROCK N ROLL’.... we had so much fun....

We enjoyed - foam, water beads (within items-fish), long grasses, creating music as art, inflatable fun, made mountains, enjoyed mock tails, painting notes, matching activities, making a muddy mess, colouring spaghetti, rhyming, movement, instruments and sooooo much more. It’s been absolutely wonderful & a HUGE 36 new adults and tiddlers have joined us this SUMMER term, as well as so many of our regular clients

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