Cleaning is fun


Well.... not always.... However, it is absolutely needed and hugely important.

You clean your house regularly, you attend dates with friends and hope for a clean mug, going to your favourite coffee shop and they serve you a slice of cake on a clean plate..! You'd expect it and so would I, so..... everything is cleaned to an inch of it's life because I am super paranoid and so meticulous with cleaning my kit. Our little ones attend nursery, or however many groups, their immune system is not yet great and life as a baby and being a care giver can be tough. They get ill, parents get ill and when they hit school it gets even worse than when they attended nursery! (The lack of sleep, which we know means we are run down). Therefore for the the last 2.3 yrs I have cleaned my mats, my changing mats, my pillows and pillow case, all of my equipment, sensory boxes and everything else that gets used during my classes at each session. This way I know we are sparkling clean. Absolutely VITAL in my eyes and all groups should do this.

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