5 reasons why you (both) should do baby yoga

Congratulations on the birth of your wonderful baby. You’ve brought an amazing new life into the world and you are filled with awe at how incredible this tiny person is.

You’ve vowed to always be there for them and you’re determined to give them the best start in life. Your house if filled with all the latest baby must-haves: rocking chairs, baby nests, toys etc. You’ve got this, right?

And yet, at the same time, you’re exhausted. You don’t begrudge it but if you could only have a little time to yourself? And what about that body? Will you ever get back to your pre baby waist and not pee yourself every time you laugh?

The good news is that there is something you can do that’s going to tick all the boxes. Baby yoga gives you the opportunity to do something for yourself, helps with your mental and physical wellbeing and supports the healthy development of your baby, laying strong foundations for all future learning and emotional development.

What is baby yoga?

Baby yoga uses body strokes and movements, combined with fun rhymes to enhance your’s and baby’s physical and mental wellbeing. Yoga moves are adapted for babies and parent moves help to stretch and tone muscles and are great for easing you back in to exercise.

Baby yoga is designed to help stretch out the body and calm and focus the mind.

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5 Benefits of Baby Yoga

1. Improves the bond between carer and baby

Love and attention are essential for the healthy development of babies. It is through love and attention that strong bonds are formed by children and their caregivers. And these bonds can have a tremendous impact on a child's life. It is only when an infant has a strong bond that he is able to feel secure enough to explore the world and learn and grow.

Touch is an extraordinary thing and plays a huge part in forming strong bonds and attachments. Baby yoga provides an ideal opportunity to touch and caress your baby, aiding that all important bond and crucial attachment.

2. Promotes more and better sleep

We all know how much better we sleep when we are relaxed and calm and it’s no different for babies. Baby yoga techniques are perfect as part of the bedtime routine, allowing you and baby to wind down and relax the body and mind. Baby yoga is shown to:

  • Help babies release excess energy and stress

  • Help babies to self soothe

  • Help babies fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer

  • Reduce irritability better quality of sleep

3. Supports baby’s development

  • Baby yoga is extremely beneficial for your babies physical and mental development.

  • Baby yoga supports sensory integration through movement; the foundation for all future learning

  • Baby yoga improves co-ordination and baby awareness

  • Baby yoga helps the development of emotional regulation

  • Developing the bond between the caregiver and the baby improves attachment; crucial for healthy emotional development.

As babies spend more and more time in baby nests, car seats etc. it has become increasingly important to ensure that babies get the opportunity to wriggle and move - to avoid Container Baby Syndrome

4. Aids digestion for baby

Babies have very delicate digestive systems and problems with the gut can manifest themselves in a number of different ways. Using yoga exercises, such as gentle cycling leg movements can help alleviate wind and get the bowels going, which in turn makes for a happier more contented baby.

5. Great for your emotional and physical wellbeing

The gentle nature of baby yoga, helps to ease you back into exercise. The calm and focused practice of yoga helps you to relax and the bonding experience helps to increase confidence and self-belief.

Physically, the gentle stretching is great for postnatal care and helps to improve core strength, reducing back ache and strengthening that, all important, pelvic floor.

All in all, baby yoga ticks all the boxes for both you and your baby. And if I haven’t already given you enough reasons to book on to a class, then it’s also a great way to get out and meet new people, have a cup of tea - that won’t go cold, and increase your support network.

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